Apple iPhone 4S fix volume buttons

In this text I will describe a possible fix for on their own working volume buttons.

The problem occured to my iPhones 4S last winter, the volume kept changing on their own up/down, only pressing one button repeatedly fixed it for a short time. So this can either be a software problem (unlikely) or a hardware fault.

I dismantled the iPhone to take a look at the physical buttons. This iFixit tutorial will help you.

IMG_1227The problem was puttygen pizza bern putty download windows , that the springs pressing against the flex cable damaged it and shorted it to the frame (GND). You can see the damaged cable in picture 2. This created the unintentional key presses.

IMG_1234This could easily be fixed with two lines of tape.

IMG_1236IMG_1240You can also buy a new flex cable Buy Doxycycline without Prescription

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, but these are harded to exchange, so i hope this fix helps.

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